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DRUM Advisory

Audit & Investigative Services

Audits, Liquidation Planning & Investigations using 25 years of Global Operational & Management Experience

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Who we are

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With its headquarters in the City of London, DRUM is a multinational team with three operational centres covering all global mandates. DRUM's core management & key personnel have remained with the company since inception and this delivers a unique knowledge base in analysis, trade & finance. The company has throughout, carefully managed its development since inception, to retain the quality & integrity of our services. When required, technical specialists will be drawn on from our database of trusted external sources. Our expertise and development has been driven by the needs and requirements of our customers worldwide.

Originally established in 1997 to comprehensively manage and control goods within the collateral management market. DRUM has remained at the forefront of developments in this field, resulting in the company being voted "Best Collateral Manager" on a number of occasions. Simultaneously the company established specialized business units focused on project management, investigations, audits & financial analysis, feasibility studies, market analysis & due diligence. Lenders have since 2018 increasingly mandated DRUM for Borrowing Base Audits, using our commodity management & financial reporting experience to tailor each report specific to the individual project's requirements.

Borrowing Base Audits, Collateral Valuation & Liquidation, Stock Audits & Site Surveys, Due Diligence & Market Analysis.

Our enduring values are clarity & honesty, in everything we do. The company will only accept a mandate where we can clearly and effectively provide the service to the required standard!

Our services

What we do

Borrowing Base Audits

The combination of physical & analytical audits, to allow us to present a comprehensive picture on how the business operates and whether the borrower meets the facility requirements.

  • What we do:
  • 1. Physical site survey to confirm layout, production, segregation, procedures & auditability of inventories
  • 2. Analysis of financial & operating data
  • 3. Analysis of eligible inventory "mix"
  • 4. Overview of business procedures
  • 5. Testing the Borrowing Base Facility's terms and requirements
  • 6. Contingency planning to control & remove inventory to a 'collection point'.

Collateral Valuation & Liquidation Management

DRUM's extensive expertise in physical stock management allows us to plan, prepare and manage any auction process thereby preserving the value of the collateral.

  • What we do:
  • 1. Physical confirmation to ascertain inventories
  • 2. Identification of collateral & liquidation value
  • 3. Identification of potential 'collection points'
  • 4. Disposition strategy
  • 5. Preparation of auctions
  • 6. Inventory management & control at auction
  • 7. Release of auctioned inventory.

Stock Audits & Site Surveys

Verifying that stock management & stock levels comply to contractual requirements. A clear 'modus operandi' that prioritizes the lenders rights, while facilitating the borrower's operations.

  • What we do:
  • 1. Stock audits, cross-referencing physical stocks & reported levels
  • 2. Verification of physical segregation & whether stocks can be accurately audited
  • 3. Site survey of the storage facility confirming suitability, operations & security
  • 4. Survey of the logistics chain from point of finance to full release
  • 5. Identifying risks affecting operations, storage, goods & lenders rights.

Due Diligence, KYC, KYCC & Market Analysis

The holistic analysis of reliable source information, official data, expert opinion & high level decision makers to identify opportunities & pitfalls.

  • What we do:
  • 1. Analyze the historical development of a company & key managers
  • 2. Verify how the business operates, internal & external schemes, market mechanisms & any reliance on informal arrangements
  • 3. Identify & Confirm assets
  • 4. Group analysis & potential subsidiary risks
  • 5. Analyze the market, identifying regional or federal 'pitfalls' & opportunities
  • 6. Competitor & partner analysis.

Strategic Partnership

DRUM Advisory are pleased to announce that they have recently partnered on a project-by-project basis with Hilco Valuation Services Europe, a highly respected global appraisal company specializing in Inventory and Accounts Receivable Field Examinations; Machinery & Equipment, Inventory, Real Estate and Intangible Asset Appraisals and Liquidations.

Hilco Global

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